I am interested in projects and conversations that result in the divestment of power from white communities. I am especially interested in ways to engage in daily practices of reparations, and how reparations frameworks can influence artistic practice, design, social ecology, and technology. Reach out if you are too. This can manifest in… 

  • Micro-reparative transactions and daily practices of wealth transfer 
  • Forms of emotional reparations, and interpersonal reparative practices 
  • Resisting white supremacist structures that enable some voices to be heard over others (moving through the world with an ethos of progressive stack)
  • Resisting white supremacist structures that consolidate power in white-led institutions and networks 
  • Building opportunities for BIPOC creatives to receive funding to create art and media in service of a more just and equitable world
  • Building a new lexicon, and shifting the public dialogue toward an understanding of reparations as a moral imperative
  • Developing new and creative technical tools that integrate reparations-based actions and wealth transfer into daily life
  • Uplifting proposals from DOS groups and centering the voices of Black leadership
  • Building power through communities of practice and knowledge-sharing that are accessible to all, including databases of research, historical documents, policy proposals, and testimonials related to reparations
  • Holding every candidate running for any public office accountable to a reparations policy position
  • Learning from history, and understanding how historical struggles for justice across the globe inform future efforts (including successful campaigns for state-based reparations). 

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